Line Pipe Stringing

With the increased activity in shale plays in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana over the last several years our ability to send tow capable stringing trucks to the line has made us many suppliers first call. Our staff and drivers are experienced in dealing with stringing contractors and inspectors to make the job go smoothly. Our trailers are 102” wide to maximize load capacity and have reinforced pipe stakes for load security while on the R-O-W. We can also handle Triple Random and Quad Random lengths with our specialized extendable flatbeds or our steerable pole trailers.

Tubing/Casing Deliveries

The leaders at Cox Logistics have deep roots in this segment of the industry. Our operations personnel are trained to be accurate and on time when delivering to rig locations or stocking yards. Our goal is for the customer to send the order and let us do the work. We can also send a truck pusher to control the trucks while getting into tight or tricky rig locations.

Pipe Storage

Cox Logistics can handle your pipe storage needs no matter what size. We can handle tubing, casing, or coated line pipe. We are 3 hours from Ft. Worth, less than two hours from Shreveport, 6 hours from Oklahoma City, and 5 hours from the Searcy, AR area… other words we are centrally located to meet your delivery needs once the pipe is called out.

Refrigerated Division

"New" does not describe our Reefer Division Manager, however, as Philip Strickland has been an esteemed associate in the trucking industry in East Texas for more than 40 years. After logging over five million miles driving, Philip came off the Road, and has spent the last 18 years booking and managing van and Refrigerated cargo, with extra emphasis on produce. Philip masterfully heads up Cox’s Refrigerated Division, along with his capable staff, who has teamed with him for nine years and counting.

Cox Refrigerated Division has drivers who are hand-picked for their extensive produce knowledge and experience, some of whom have been with Philip for more than twelve years. Is it any wonder Philip and his team have been lauded as a Preferred Carrier by Safeway Corporation for the past twelve years? Cox Logistics Refrigerated Division takes care of any customer as carefully as they take care of their refrigerated freight. They are eager for the opportunity to prove it, again, and again.